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BovineVerse 1st Anniversary Badge

Time flies! It’s already been a year since BovineVerse was established in May 2021! Cheers!🍾It’s such a blessing to have you to celebrate our 1st anniversary! To observe our 1st birthday, we have devised a range of exciting activities including self-intro, food, pet, fitness and profit sharing, refer-project campaigns in our Discord community with 1st Anniversary OAT NFT as rewards. 1st Anniversary Badge holders will have a chance to access the beta version of Interstellar Rangeland at the end of May.

To be eligible:
Everyone who participates in the Discord sharing campaign will have a chance to get this OAT.

Join our Discord and find #announcements room to read more! There will be more utilities for these OATs! Stay with us!

NFT Minted 268
Claimable Period
2022/05/02 12:00 - 2022/05/12 12:00 GMT+00:00
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