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Evolution Land Discord Campaign - Common

Evolution Land has thoughtfully prepared 4 types of exclusive NFTs as rewards.
In order to earn rewards, you are required to:
Register a Columbus Continent game account, and complete either tasks listed below:

Breed One Apostle
Join the yield farming at Gringotts Farm
Join Evolution Land CV Parcel and sign in your name
Join the PvE combat
Join the Official Discord and advance to certain levels

-Advance to Level 7 and have at least 1 invite to earn the Common NFT

-Advance to Level 10 and have at least 3 invites to earn the Rare NFT

-Advance to Level 13 and have at least 5 invites to earn the Epic NFT

-Advance to Level 16 and have at least 10 invites to earn the Legendary NFT

Fill out the form in channel #ProjectGalaxy and claim your rewards on the Project Galaxy website.

NFT Minted 137Minting Cap 1000
Evolution Land
Start Time
2022/04/12 02:00 GMT+00:00
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