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2022 is Gonna Be SOL Cool - Francium

Task - Open a farming position with at least $120 on Francium.

Open a farming position with at least $120 on Francium , meaning using 40 USDC to open a 3x position or other tokens equivalent to $120 also counts during the campaign period.

Additional Rewards:

We will randomly pick 100 qualified users for “300 Contribution Points” per user [Contribution Points (CPs) are recorded for early supporters and will be added to your account, and users will be rewarded with incentives (such as airdrops & whitelist opportunities) in the future.]

Additional rewards will be distributed on March 1st, 2022

NFT Minted 4010
Claimable Period
2022/02/11 15:00 - 2022/03/01 03:00 GMT+00:00
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