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2022 is Gonna Be SOL Cool - Genopets

Sign up for Genopets Private Beta!

  1. Follow @Genopets on Twitter:
  2. Check out the Genopets Trailer:
  3. Join the Genopets Discord Community:
  4. Sign up for Private Beta at
  5. At the end of Private Beta Sign Form, tweet to share that you're all signed up by tagging @genopets @projectgalaxyHQ #GenopetsProjectGalaxy

Additional reward:

  • If you have the NFT badge for completing all the Genopets tasks you will be whitelisted for the genopets private beta

Beta Registration snapshots will be taken weekly. The Solana wallet address you use to sign up for the Genopets Private Beta waitlist must be the same as the one you use on Project Galaxy. The last one will be taken by Feb 24 2022, 07:00 PST.

Learn more about Genopets:



NFT Minted 10492
Claimable Period
2022/02/11 15:00 - 2022/03/01 03:00 GMT+00:00
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