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2022 is Gonna Be SOL Cool - Orca

Swap on Orca & Join Orca’s Discord!

  1. Swap on Orca (minimum of $5 USDC or equivalent) using any of the pairs with the ORCA token
  2. Join our Discord and fill out the Google Form under channel “orca-sol-good”, and then indicate you’ve completed the task with a ✅ 

Additional reward:

  1. Every verified participant will receive a STARFISH (
  2. Every verified participant will enter into a lottery to win 100 pieces of Orca swag! You can choose from an Orca cap, tote, and more. (Depending on your location, swags could take up to 2 months to arrive after we confirm your shipping details).

*in order to be a verified participant, you would need to complete the transaction AND fill out the Google form.

The snapshots will be taken weekly. The last one will be taken by Feb 24 2022, 0700 PST

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2022/02/11 15:00 - 2022/03/01 03:00 GMT+00:00
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