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Sanctuary Cactus 🌵 by Paraland

The very first 20 people who completed the Paraland 1st Airdrop Campaign Quest 1 will win a Sanctuary Cactus.

Quest 1 Time : March 21 UTC 1:00 pm – March 23 UTC 12:59 pm

First, use this link ( to guide you through tasks. Second, post the pics of your favorite/dream house in Paraland’s discord–Airdrop Quests channel.

The Cactus #OAT badges represents your ownership of the Sanctuary cactus. Sandbox’s marketplace is still closed to the public so we can’t airdrop you a Cactus to use in the Sandbox yet. But once it opens Paraland will airdrop the Cactus to badge holders. The Cactus will be an asset on ETH.

Your OAT badge will be minted on Polygon, but we will airdrop the Cactus to badge holders’ ETH network.

NFT Minted 18
Start Time
2022/03/22 09:00 GMT+00:00
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