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My CUBEING will go on!

CUBEING is a collective project created and directed by Cedric Hervet, French visionary designer and former Daft Punk creative director. Each cube is a representation of a human being, hence the name, “CUBEING”. As no two human beings are identical, no two CUBEINGs are identical.

  • The main goal of releasing the first NFT collectibles of CUBEING is to create an early entry for community members to enrol the KOOOLA City / realy Metaverse.

  • The CUBEING will become special artifacts of realy Metaverse and be granted multiple utilities. CUBEING will continue to evolve into multiple forms including wearables, music, furniture and even real estate in realy Metaverse and beyond.

  • To celebrate the release of CUBEING, a limited number of Black Vouchers are available for community members for free. Black Voucher holders will be granted a series of benefits in future Realy Campaigns.

  • CAP 101

  • Free to mint

  • Open to All, FCFS

  • Benefit 1: Early Access for future Realy Campaign

  • Benefit 2: Auto enroll to participate in Realy Lucky Draw
    *More Benefit will be revealed by Realy in future

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2022/01/27 10:00 GMT+00:00
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