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SecondLive - Metaverse Spacewalk

To all voyagers, welcome to SecondLive world! This course is designed to walk you through in a wonderful Metaverse. You just need to complete four easy tasks and will have the chance to get $VLIVE token rewards and Credentials!


  1. Complete a new registration (sign in page) on SecondLive official website

    Snapshot: the day of campaign starts
  2. Connect to Twitter in Account Settings on official website
  3. Download PC client and enter 2 different spaces (
  4. Play a jigsaw game once in any space. 

    Reward: 10 $VLIVE for each lucky winner

    Reward Pool: $20,000 value $VLIVE
NFT Minted 4036
Claimable Period
2022/05/09 08:00 - 2022/06/10 08:00 GMT+00:00
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