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Alpaca Smart Investor

Welcome to the Herd, young alpacas!
This task is designed to get you familiar with the Alpaca Finance platform so you can start earning yields!
Perform one of the below tasks:
Invest any amount in one of our Automated Vaults
Deposit any amount in any of our lending pools

Note: While Automated Vaults earn you much higher APYs than lending, there is a higher one-time gas fee of ~$6 to open an Automated Vault position. In comparison, gas for depositing into lending is approximately $0.10.  This gas fee is charged by the blockchain network and not Alpaca Finance. So you can choose the task that is most suitable for you.

NFT Minted 2009
Alpaca Finance
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2022/05/09 08:00 - 2022/06/07 08:00 GMT+00:00
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