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Enter The Odyssey

The Odyssey has begun.


You’re prepared to bridge into Arbitrum to see what lies in store for you.

You have an idea of what to expect but you’re not exactly sure.

All you know is that the tasks will be treacherous, but the NFTs will be breathtaking.


Into the Odyssey you go…


Note: This NFT represents one’s completion of bridging into Arbitrum One on the first week of the Arbitrum Odyssey in collaboration with Ratwell, Sugoi, and Project Galaxy.


  • For more information, please check out #odyssey-faq at

  • Take note that only Hop and Connext are using subgraph credential, which signify real-time update.

  • The rest of the swapper/bridger credential are using CSV. For more information, visit our Campaign Status Tracker here

NFT Minted 247999
Claimable Period
2022/06/28 17:00 - 2022/08/22 16:59 GMT+00:00
Contract Address