Cross-Chain Tokens

Cross-Chain Tokens (ccTokens) are the cross-chain tokens backed 1:1 with native assets like BTC. It enables the seamless integration of various crypto assets into the DeFi ecosystem. All ccTokens reserves are safeguarded by qualified third-party custodians. Meanwhile, a multi-signature mechanism is adopted for its crucial aspects such as mining and burning, allowing on-the-chain verification. Therefore, it provides cross-chain asset services that are both transparent and reliable.

Cross-Chain Tokens' Early Adopter Exclusive NFT

We are dropping very limited Early Adopter NFTs to the supporters that were here in the very beginning. Thanks so much for your support! Only our early users and community members who have participated in our event are eligible to claim the NFT. The NFT will have more utility in the future. Holders will be able to participate in exclusive Cross-Chain Tokens activities.