dHEDGE V1 grew to become the leading decentralized asset management protocol. Utilising Synthetix protocol managers trade with synthetic assets across crypto, commodities and shares. Investors are then able to review verifiable track records of trades and historic performance and choose which managers’ pool they would like to invest in. The funds in the pools then mimic the trades the managers perform.

dHEDGE V2 will be deployed on additional EVM compatible networks besides Ethereum. The protocol will include the Guarded Open Access Transactions framework (GOAT). GOAT is a framework with a general purpose approach for accessibility. This means the protocol will be capable of expanding to include assets beyond those offered by the Synthetix protocol. With dHDEGE V2, the dHEDGE DAO team moves quickly to support new protocols that enrich the product features. Users can connect with any whitelisted dapp directly through WalletConnect.

dHEDGE V2 Launch

dHEDGE V2 is here! We have designed an exclusive NFT to reward early investors utilising all the new capabilities on the Polygon network.