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Hakka Finance X iGain GAINER

🚨 The first iGain OAT to 10 lucky winners!

iGain is a trading platform enabling web3 users to protect themselves against any kind of DeFi volatility: iGain IRS enables lenders and borrowers to be protected against interest rates fluctuations, and iGain IG helps liquidity providers to be safeguarded against impermanent loss.
It is the latest DeFi protocol powered by the Hakka Finance ecosystem.

How to claim the NFT:

  1. Retweet + Tag 3 frens
  2. Follow @iGainFinance
  3. Answer the question: “Other than the #DeFi deposit and borrow interest rate, what else would you like to be #fixed?”

Be witty and creative as possible!

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Hakka Finance
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2022/04/14 09:43 - 2022/04/30 15:59 GMT+00:00
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