With the initiative to grow the HaloDAO community, we are pleased to present the Universe of Desserts — where users are able to earn sweet treats as they participate actively in the HaloDAO Community and grow their wallet within our ecosystem!

In this way, we have created an ecosystem by which one can only ascend through the Halonaut ranks by engaging deeply with both the protocol and the community.

Let’s have fun while going intergalactic! 🐰🚀

Galaxy of Desserts

One day, 3 types of desserts begin raining from the sky on Earth: Lollipops, Candy Corn, and Jelly Beans! This may sound delicious, but it’s just too much candy to eat. Heyhey starts collecting this curious candy, and gets ready to head to space to get to the bottom of it!

Show me what’s in the box
Show me what’s in the box