#RockinWithMelos - Journey to Utopia

This campaign is part of “Welcome aboard, 500,000 #Melosians” The Rock Music is From Melos’ first core product of Metis AI, where user fills in the Key and AI does the rest of the tones for You and can be loaded into NFT world right away. Even without having the knowledge of music theory, Metis AI can still help you to create unique melodies! The fine art of metal dinosaur skeletons is from Melos signed visual artist.

You can forge your three(3) Melos “500K” NFT for a Melos D·Power 2.0 Music NFT - “Journey to Utopia”.

NFT Minted 2802
Melos Studio
Start Time
2022/01/27 10:00 GMT+00:00
Contract Address
Who is Eligible
Finish the campaign "Welcome aboard, 500,000 #Melosians" https://galaxy.eco/melos/campaign/GCJoyUUwnG