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Welcome aboard, 500,000 #Melosians

In celebration of Melos Studio reaching the 500,000 users milestone, we are partnering with Project Galaxy to host the Melos Studio “500K” Special Music NFT+ Wave points giveaway campaign.

During the campaign period, the users who complete the tasks will be eligible for the following NFT + Wave Points Reward.

  • Task 1: Complete the Gleam task to get one(1) “500K” Music NFT.

  • Task 2: Create your own Music NFT on Melos Metis AI workshop to get one(1) “500K” Music NFT.

  • Task 3: List the Music NFT you minted in the workshop to Melos Marketplace to get one(1) “500K” Music NFT.

  • Task 4: Make a purchase on Melos Marketplace to get one (1) “500K” Music NFT.

  • You will receive four(4) Melos “500K” Music NFT after you finish the task above.
    You can use three(3) “500K” Music NFT to forge one(1) Melos D·Power 2.0 NFT in “#RockinWithMelos - Journey to Utopia” (

  • Bonus: First 1000 user finish the task 3 can receive a 100 Wave Points airdrop from Melos Studio.

Useful instruction to learn about how to play with Melos Studio:

  • [How to Mint a Music NFT on Melos Metis AI Workshop]:

  • [Instruction to Create, Upload and List your MusicNFT on Melos]:

  • [教程:在Melos Studio上创作属于自己的音乐NFT并出售 by @tanghuabanzhu]:

(Tips: The following three tasks can be completed out of order, that is, you can challenge the third task directly. Please use/fill in the same e-mail address for this campaign.)

We will snapshot the workshop/listing and purchase on-chain data each day(working days) at 10am-1pm UTC to verify your entry, which means after you finisih the task, you need to wait for around 48 hours before you can get your #500K Music NFT

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