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POLS Diamond Hands 2021

If you're a member of the Polkastarter community you've been along for the wild ride of IDOs, and watched many projects launch and thrive.

Now the journey of Polkastarter continues with our new limited-edition NFT series, “POLS Diamond Hands 2021”! In order to reward the POLS holders who grasped their crystal white-knuckles onto those POLS tokens throughout the (in)famous May 2021 market crash, we are releasing a limited edition NFT. Soooo, meet Paulie!

Together with digital artist Jaime Sobreviela (aka Mr. Kat), we are launching a Diamond Mystery Box today. In it you will find one of two Paulie NFTs that we really like — and we hope you do too!

Stay tuned for more Polkastarter art, action and future NFT utility, and we’re sure that this piece of crypto history “POLS Diamond Hands 2021” will definitely be a collectors’ item!

Claimable Period:
2021/11/16 15:00 - 2021/12/31 15:00 GMT+00:00
Who is Eligible:
1194 NFTs have been minted. You can claim 0 NFT & You claimed 0 NFT
What's in the Box
When you open your mystery box, you will get 1 random NFT out of the 2 NFTs below.
Golden Paulie