“The Chosen One” TrustFi NFT on Sale!

The NFTs launched by TrustFi is called “The Chosen One”, which represents a range of TrustFi ecological benefits:

  • Share the unsold allocation in FCFS pools
  • Join exclusive private round pools for NFT holders (5%-10% of the total allocations TrustFi gets)
  • Stake your NFT to earn rewards (Pool launches in March)
  • Receive exclusive airdrops on the 1st day of every month, starting from February
  • Share the 10% of total revenue from TrustFi Farmer (Starting from March)
  • Supply 200

Please note that the NFT Sale Revenues will be seperately and transparently kept, and we will let the Community decide on what to do with the funds through DAO Voting.

NFT Minted 40Minting Cap 200
Claimable Period
2022/01/26 02:00 - 2022/02/26 02:00 GMT+00:00
Contract Address
Who is Eligible
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