Web 3.0 SEA Alliance is a joint initiative of Web3 Scholarship, ABGA, FBG Capital, Sanctor Capital and Spark Digital Capital. The event aims to gather the developers who are enthusiastic about Web 3.0, the d... View more
Share the joy of winners
Web3 Hackathon 2022 had a successful Demo Day on 25th March. Congratulations to all winners - and to all who joined the hackathon and began or accelerated their Web3 journey. - 1st Prize: [Quartz](https://github.com/WEB3-ALLIANCE/Web3Hackathon2022/issues/2) - 2nd Prize: [ICES](https://github.com/WEB3-ALLIANCE/Web3Hackathon2022/issues/10), [Kontext](https://github.com/WEB3-ALLIANCE/Web3Hackathon2022/issues/16) - 3rd Prize: [Keysafe Protocol](https://github.com/WEB3-ALLIANCE/Web3Hackathon2022/issues/15), [Turtle Finance](https://github.com/WEB3-ALLIANCE/Web3Hackathon2022/issues/17), [GameWay](https://github.com/WEB3-ALLIANCE/Web3Hackathon2022/issues/19) - Community Award: [ICES](https://github.com/WEB3-ALLIANCE/Web3Hackathon2022/issues/10) - Dfinity Ecological Bounty: [ICES](https://github.com/WEB3-ALLIANCE/Web3Hackathon2022/issues/10) To share the joy of the winners, anyone who follow below twitter of winners and co-organizers are eligible to claim the NFT. - [@huobi_incubator](https://twitter.com/huobi_incubator) - [@ABGAasia](https://twitter.com/ABGAasia) - [@FBGCapital](https://twitter.com/FBGCapital) - [@SanctorCapital](https://twitter.com/SanctorCapital) - [@capital_spark](https://twitter.com/capital_spark) - [@team_quartz_sg](https://twitter.com/team_quartz_sg) - [@icesHQ](https://twitter.com/icesHQ) - [@KeysafeProtocol](https://twitter.com/KeysafeProtocol) - [@kontextcontext](https://twitter.com/kontextcontext) - [@Turtle_Finance_](https://twitter.com/Turtle_Finance_) - [@GameWayFun](https://twitter.com/GameWayFun) **Fill in this [form](https://forms.gle/LPZAAnrXcgYqSLKh8) to submit your wallet address and twitter handle.** Note: List is updated daily; Form close on 31 March; Claiming close on 10 April.
Web 3.0 Hackathon Participants
The Web 3.0 Hackathon 2022 Registration NFT is the first official NFT collection from [Web 3.0 SEA Alliance](https://web3-hackathon.com/#about). Developers who successfully registered to participate in the hackathon are eligible to claim one NFT on Project Galaxy. [The Web 3.0 Hackathon](https://web3-hackathon.com) will focus on encouraging new projects and tools in the Web3 related spaces including DeFi, gaming, web3 tools & protocols, NFT and DAO. Builders can expect talks, workshops, mentors and top judges in the industry and potential funding opportunities by leading venture capitals and industry veterans. **Who is eligible:** All developers and builders who successfully registered [here](https://web3hackathon.typeform.com/to/XYro0spC) are eligible to claim one NFT. Make sure you submit the correct wallet address. Don’t forget to join our [Discord](https://discord.gg/9v6Uv8Kn7E) and stay tuned! **How to claim:** Connect your wallet and switch to the Polygon network. If you’re eligible, simply click “claim” and sign on the wallet to get your NFT. **Programme:** Registration: Now till 15th March; Online Hacking: Feb 16th - March 24th; Demo Day: March 25th **Prizes:** Total Award Pool Size: **US$92,000**; Top Winner: US$25,000 (1 slot); Second Tier Winners: US$15,000, (2 slots); Third Tier Winners: US$8,000 (3 slots); Community Award: US$3,000 (1 slot) **Alibaba Cloud Credits Coupon:** Top Winner: US$2,000 (1 slot); Second Tier Winners: US$1,000 (2 slots); Third Tier Winners: US$600 (3 slots); Community Award: US$300 (1 slot)