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WOO Token Anniversary

This month, to celebrate the first anniversary of the WOO token, there’s additional staking yield available on WOO X. Also you can enter for a chance to win 1 of 100 exclusive NFTs that can be exchanged for a limited edition WOO hoodie.

Enter the campaign via WOO X Support Center. Trade at least $5,000 in volume on the WOO/USDT pair on WOO X within a month - every $5,000 equals one entry, so more volume means a bigger chance at winning! Also any user who swaps $1,000+ of any assets on WOOFi will automatically be eligible to win as well. Check WOO Network’s Twitter for additional NFT giveaways.

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WOO Network
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2021/12/01 10:00 - 2021/12/10 10:00 GMT+00:00
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