Zerogoki is the first algo-pegging based derivatives platform. The vision of Zerogoki is bridging synthetic traditional assets with innovative financial instruments for DeFi users. Zerogoki is a witty financial experiment where users should construct their strategies on their own initiative. The mechanism leads up and down of protocol internal assets by default and require users’ intention and imagination to deal with all unexpected situations. To thank long term users, who show their impressive vision, enthusiasm and patience by standing with the project, Zerogoki set up this HODL REI action to reward their loyalty and kindness. May these HODL REI members will grow together with Zerogoki. Addresses meet the following requirements can claim their HODL REI medal on Galaxy space.

Zerogoki Immersive Version

With the whole Immersive Figure, you can enjoy the benefit within the Zerogoki dAPP: 10% mining boost for 1 month.

Zerogoki Platinum Version

With the whole Platinum Figure, you can enjoy the benefit within the Zerogoki dAPP: 8% mining boost for 3 weeks.

Zerogoki Bronze Version

With the whole Bronze Figure, you can enjoy the benefit within the Zerogoki dAPP: 5% mining boost for 2 weeks.

Zerogoki action figure
  • Zerogoki PILOTS will own their robot anime for the first time. To show gratitude to users who stayed with the project during its highs and lows, and to explore the NFT space with Galaxy, Zerogoki announced the launch of the "HODL & WIN ZEROGOKI NFT" event. This event aims to present a gamification loyalty system and provides effective long-term motivation for Zerogoki stakeholders and users.
  • Zerogoki is inspired by a classic Japanese robot manga, Evangelion, which is a shared memory for millennials. These robot figures are more than the metaphor strength and power of machines or battle with enemies. They constantly encourage people to confront their weaknesses, fearlessness, and even desperation. The ultimate success is our mutual aspiration, but what’s even more important is the courage to embrace frustration while holding faith.
  • Read the details on Zerogoki blog to know more on rewards and eligibility.